Our Ice

Cool-Ice-Thingy IMG_6093Our company, Cascade Ice LLC was founded in 2002 with the goal of providing the highest quality ice products to our end users in Central Oregon. As a result, we installed new Vogt ice manufacturing machines when building our plant here in Bend, Oregon. In 2013, as part of our major expansion, we installed three additional Vogt machines to more than be able to meet demand for our market.

Vogt revolutionized the commercial ice-making industry in 1937 when it built the world’s first automatic sized ice machine. Today, Vogt is the industry leader for many reasons, and them is for their patented purification system that takes Central Oregon’s already pristine water and converts it into flawless and particulate-free ice.

With that in mind, since our production equipment is “state of the art”, our ice is uniform in size and circular in shape with a hole in the center, for maximum cooling performance. The shape of this ice cube has become the product of choice in the market because it cools faster (due to more of the ice’s surface coming in contact with what it’s cooling), and it does not “clump” together easily.

Our mission is still alive today, as we continue to seek new, more efficient, and productive ways to better serve our customer’s ice needs. To help ensure our success, we’ve contracted the services of the ASI Food Safety Consultants group to participate in food safety auditing. The program periodically audits all phases of production, storage and distribution.

What this means to our clients is that they can be confident that they are purchasing a product second to none in the industry when seeing the Cascade Ice logo and grabbing their bags of ice!

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