About Us

Cascade-ice-historyCASCADE ICE was founded in May 2002 with the idea of providing the highest quality products and services available to the Central Oregon area. While Cascade Ice is a relatively new company in the Bend Area, the owners and employees are longtime Bend residents.

When building the plant, we installed all new equipment using state of the art technology that produces the finest ice possible. Our ice is uniform in size and circular in shape with a hole in the center, for maximum cooling performance.This new design has become popular with the more innovative producers because it cools faster (due to more of the ice’s surface coming in contact with what it’s cooling) and it does not tend to clump together like the crushed ice product. In addition, we have a fleet of new delivery vehicles all equipped with the latest refrigeration equipment for keeping our ice fresh.

Our emphasis as an ice producer in Central Oregon is to provide a top quality product with a very high level of professional service. A recent improvement to our product quality has been the installation of a five tier water filtration system that filters out all particle and chemical impurities. In addition we have contracted the services of ASI Food Safety Consultants to participate in a food safety auditing program. This program periodically audits all phases of our production, storage, and distribution systems to assure clean and sanitary practices. Both of these improvements were instituted to assure that Cascade Ice was providing its customers the most clear, clean, and healthy product possible.

You are invited to give us a call or drop by at anytime to view our ice making process. Think of Cascade Ice for large or small ice needs.